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Tour Code:  MUL-SP 01
Duration:    2 days 2 nights
Tour Start:  Mandalay Airport
Tour End:   Mandalay

We offer the following Starter Package (Your Arrival Day in Mandalay + Ava-Sagaing-Amarapura Tour as OPTION – 1 (or) Mingun – Mandalay tour as OPTION -2) to avoid suspicious circumstances and to conveniences at the beginning of your journey in Mandalay. This tour suit for the one who is coming to Mandalay for the first time and we named it "Starter Package." When you land at Mandalay International Airport, welcome by our tour guide and he/she will help you to change the first Kyats (Myanmar Currency). Then explore Mandalay city area, the center of the culture and heritage. The next day you will visit Ava-Sagain (or) Mingun around Mandalay.

Tour Details