Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to celebrate and contribute to the cultural diversity of our hometown Mandalay, and the rest of Myanmar. We aim to develop travel experiences that will contribute to the development of the country, and build bridges between the people of Myanmar and our overseas visitors.
Our Mission is to work in close collaboration with local people in Myanmar to create unforgettable travel experiences for visitors from all walks of life who wish to experience the unique culture of our country and have a positive impact on the communities they visit.

Kyaw Myo Ko

Managing Director – Program Coordinating

In 1990, at the outset of this career, Kyaw Myo Ko was involved in setting up the first puppet theater company in Mandalay, Myanmar, known as Mandalay Marionettes Theater, and is still involved in its further development locally and internationally.

He ventured into the field of tourism in Myanmar in 1994 and in 1998 he turned the focus of his works to Myanmar traditional culture. Since then he has travelled extensively, working, on and managing many local and international cultural exchange activities.

From 2008 to the present day, Kyaw Myo has also been working as a local project coordinator undertaking a series of projects to support the Cultural Emergency Response – CER program of The Prince Claus Fund (The Netherlands). The Primary aim of this foundation is to aid artists, related local communities and cultural objects – contemporary or historical – that have been affected by natural disasters in various regions of Myanmar.

In 2009, based on his local and International cultural and travel experiences, Kyaw Myo returned to tourism part time in order to contribute his knowledge of conservation and safeguarding of the traditional, natural and cultural heritage of Myanmar. His aspiration is to share cultural diversity with those who appreciate and enjoy this way of life and who travel with respect, encouraging them to build bridges between people and to be repeat visitors to Myanmar.

Bo Thin started working as a Manager at the Mandalay Marionettes Theater Company in Mandalay on graduating in 1996. After 10 years in the field of local and International traditional culture and after completing Diploma for Business Studies (DBS) in 2006, he entered the field of Myanmar tourism. In 2009, he joined Myanmar Upper Land | culture &travel and gained the Diploma in Tourism Study & Management (DTSM) in 2012.

He is now mentoring, training and supporting MUL’s operation with specific responsibilities for the One day Tour (ODT) Program. Short and long package programs throughout Myanmar are now a part of his everyday working life. He thoroughly enjoys being involved with so many aspects of Myanmar Traditional cultures, and experiencing all it has to offer.

Bo thin

Director – Operational Management


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