Sandarmuni paya in Mandalay

COVID-19 UPDATE from Mandalay (Myanmar)

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Migalarpar from the team here at Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL). 

We hope you are keeping safe and the worldwide lockdown is not causing boredom. This rapidly evolving outbreak of COVID-19 and its unprecedented global consequences have been deeply concerning, and we are all taking it week by week. First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are able to remain safe and healthy.

In Myanmar, we have entered into our eight weeks of lockdown, and like everyone else, the team-MUL is working from Home. The lockdown has been working very well in Myanmar.
Currently, Myanmar has reported (3 June 2020) a total of 233 COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday, including six deaths. According to the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS), a total of 143 patients are recovering from the disease.

Out of those above figures, Mandalay, where we based, has only three patients and they all are already recovered. 

Since its first case late March, the government has used aggressive quarantining, imposed a strict stay-at-home order, promoted social distancing, and imposed legal actions against those who break laws related to containment and prevention measures. As a result, the number of positive cases in Myanmar is low in comparison to other countries. These strategies have helped to control the spread of the disease. 

It was a drastic transition when we first started working from home, but now our office team has got used to it. The time that the lockdown has provided us and helped us in developing our programs, some internal processes, and the website to be better. We are now enjoying time with family, and we took this quality of time as an excellent opportunity for self-improvement. We have learned to adjust to the new normal. We are working on how to save the business and recently revised our Terms and Conditions. For our new Terms and Conditions as well as updates regarding the situation in Myanmar, please visit MUL’s Travel & Booking information COVID-19 page.

The road to recovery might still belong, but we are going to make the best out of it. We have been preparing on a post-COVID 19 work protocol for tourism associated stakeholders in our region, Mandalay. In addition, where are currently developing crisis management and recovery training for tourism businesses in the Mandalay region. 
We have also started to develop an online storytelling series for you showcasing the Mandalay region and its surroundings. Online cooking courses and guided virtual tours of Mandalay. Soon, we will further inform you!

We hope these hard times will end very soon. In the meantime, stay home and stay healthy! Myanmar will be welcoming you soon, a dream now, travel later!

With warmest regards, 
The entire team of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel

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