Chin State

Chin State, western part of the country

Chin State is one of a state of Myanmar locate North of Magway rigion and Rakhine State. Its capital is Hakhar and there are 14 townships in the Chin State. The Chin are made up of many sub-groups which although historically related now speak divergent languages and have different cultural and historical identities.

There is a beautiful heart shape lake called “Reh” close to the Indian border. Mt. Victoria can also be climbed. Tourists can also visit the Nat-Ma-Taung or the Mt. Victoria nature park in the Chin State.

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Bridge to Bontalar Water Fall
This 7-day 4WD tour takes you from the ancient pagodas of Bagan to the rugged terrain of Chin State where Mount Victoria towers over areas of natural beauty. Along the way meet people from various tribes and ethnic groups to learn about their way of life.


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