october, 2021

19octAll Day21Thadingyut Lighting FestivalThadingyuthe festival is the Lighting Festival of Myanmar

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Thadingyut is the seventh month of the Myanmar calendar (roughly coinciding with October). Monks who spend three months of lent, from the full moon day of Wazo to the full moon day of Thadingyut, at their monasteries can now travel freely to spread the Teachings of the Lord Buddha. Thus, the Thadingyut festival marks the end of Lent and is one of the biggest festivals on the Buddhist calendar.

This festival commemorates the time when the Buddha returned to earth after preaching in the abode of celestials during the three months of lent. He descended at night and devotees greeted Him with lamps and lanterns. People light candles around their houses and in the streets and homes are decorated with colourful lights. Pagodas, houses, public buildings, parks and monuments are all illuminated and there are various activities for everyone to enjoy.

A tradition of Thadingyut, or October is that younger members of the family or the office or schools pay obeisance(Kadaw) to their elders and teachers. They pay obeisance by kneeling on the floor, holding their joined palms to the forehead bending odwn three times to touch the floor, in the same manner as respect is paid to an image of the Buddha. This ritual is also performed on the traditional New Year, which falls in April. It is normal for children to ‘Kadaw’  their parents every night before they go to bed or before leaving on a journey.

Thidingyut festival 2
Thidingyut festival 2


october 19 (Tuesday) - 21 (Thursday)


Throughout the country


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