Myanmar Traditional Wind Instrument, How to play Oboe (Hne)

What to Expect

Oboe or Hne is one of Myanmar traditional Musical instrument which has been used in Myanmar since ancient time. There are two kinds of Myanma oboe namely big oboe and small oboe. Big oboe has more bass than the small. Big oboe is used to play Myanmar tunes namely for producing Byawsi, Yegin, Nayi, Thapyay and Yadu music. Small oboe is played not only for the tunes of Ozi, Dhobat, Si and Byaw music but also essentially for Myanmar Orchestra at Myanmar opera. So Myanma oboe is a vital wind instrument among Myanmar musical instruments. It is created by using a metal horn, a wooden flute and a palm reed. You can expect from this experience:
  • To know about Myanmar traditional wind musical instrument call Oboe (Hne).
  • To learn how to play Myanmar oboe and to try yourself
  • To study what made of it is
  • To have a chance to stay closely with local artists and to learn their life

What We'll Do

As we, Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel is trying to introduce world’s travelers to Authentic Myanmar culture and local experiences during their stay in Myanmar. This Experience is pilot project and we are happy to try with you for the very first time of the project. We do not charge you for this experience however you may need to pay some cost outside of the experience like transportation.  The only one thing you will need to do is to help us answer some survey questions to improvement this experience for future development.

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