It is the fifth Myanmar month. It is in July-August, the rainy season, when rivers are in space.

In the time of Buddha, when the Lord was staying at Weluwun Monastery in Yazagyo, some disciples supplicated to him the matter of individual disciples having some difficulty to donate meals and alms for all the Sangha at the monastery at the same time, whereupon Buddha laid down a way of disciples drawing lots to determine which monk to offer meals and alms. Thus, began the practice at this time of the year to hold lot drawing offerings of meals and alms to the Sangha, although the exact time for such offerings is not definitely prescribed.

In ancient times, this month was also time for the festival of propitiation to the two nats of Taungbyone. This nat festival has been in vogue since Bagan times to the present day.

This is also the time for holding of boat races in olden days.


july, 2021

14julAll Day24Chinlone Festival in MandalayCaneball (Chinlone) festival at Maharmuni pagoda in Mandalay

23julAll DayFull Moon Day of Waso in Myanmar CalendarCeremony of offering robes to the monk's

august, 2021

09augAll Day12Shwe Kyun Pin Nat FestivalGood harvest festival in Mingun village

15augAll Day22Taungbyone Nat FestivalThe Spirit (Nat) festival near Mandalay where mediums and devotees coming from all over the country


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