Myanmar Performing Art

Zat Performance Zat is the traditional Myanmar dance-drama led by a male dancer. Several brothers may be in the same troupe with the oldest being the leader and others with their own forte. A large number of pretty female dancers will make up the corps de ballet, dancing duets in turn with the leading man. The repertoire includes comic sketches, a musical interlude called Aw-pa Ra (opera), a modern play, and nowadays a rock concert, with an intermission before the long classical play that will end at dawn. Anyeint Performance Anyeint is a dance troupe led by female dancer. The principal dancer appears last after three or four of her protégés have taken their turn with their own style of dancing and their own songs. The danseuse is usually accompanied by four comics dressed in jackets, large checked waist-garments and wraparound turbans. The program lasts from about 7pm to midnight, and is very different from that of the Zat drama. The dancing is quick and lively. At times the comics can be more famous than the dancers. You may also love to visit the following Myanmar culture related pages.  Myanmar Traditional Dance Myanmar choreography is a series of movements gracefully flowing from one step to the other with slight pauses in between, when the pose is rigidly held for a few …..  More Information Myanmar Marionette Puppets played an important role in the royal courts by serving as messengers of the king, conveying information that might have had a live person killed on the spot. They were used…. More Information Myanmar Traditional Music Traditional Myanmar music is played without notes. The orchestra leader plays the drum circle, sitting cross-legged inside a circular frame hung with 21 small drums…… More Information 


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