Modern Puppet/Arts Training for Myanmar Young Puppeteers

Modern Puppet/Arts training for young Puppeteers from Yangon and Mandalay (18th- 20th of November 2016)

Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL) organized a Modern puppet/arts training in Mandalay for young puppeteers from Yangon and Mandalay between 18th and 20th of November 2016. The workshop was given by the German expert Ms Anne Klatt from Tübingen.

At the end of the training on Sunday evening, 20th of Nov. at 7 pm there was a public presentation of a short play developed during the training. MUL also organized the outdoor stage and all other organizational preparations for this short performance.
The Goethe-Institut supported according to the set plan for all the finance related to the training and the public performance.

Bio. of Ms Anne Klatt.
Anne Klatt is the director of the “Figurentheater” Tübingen in the SW of Germany. She has developed her very personal style, has left the traditional marionettes behind, and she works with objects and all kind of materials instead of traditional puppets.  She is one of the leading puppeteers in Germany, has performed in hundreds of plays for children and adults. She came to Mandalay for the second time and was developed in a piece of training for young puppeteers from Mandalay and Yangon.



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