Reconstruction of the Retaining Wall project in Magway Division

Reconstruction of the Retaining Wall project of Shin Pin A Lo DawPauk Pagoda, Ywa-Ma (North) Village, SeikPhyu Township, Magway Division (August 2012 to Nov 2012)

Concerning in this affected of the flash flood of Oct 2011 in Pakokku District, Myanmar, the Prince Claus Fund, in the context of Cultural Emergency Response Program, supported the Reconstruction of the Retaining Wall of Shin Pin A Lo DawPaukPhaYaGyi (Pagoda)with the collaboration of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel.

Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) operated in this project with the following objectives:
To rehabilitate the retaining wall of PhaYaGyi(Pagoda) and other related traditional religious activities and to restore the cultural objects in MyaukYwa Ma village, SeikPhyuTownship, Magway Division.

List of operations to achieve the objectives and modification

  • Rehabilitated the old retaining wall to secure the stability of the pagoda.
  • Extended the concrete floor of the pagoda on the hilltop and strengthening the retaining wall with concrete beams.
  • Carefully cleaned and conservative repair of the decaying bricks of the very old tomb was carried out to retain the authenticity.  It was finished off by putting a thin cement layer over the bricks to match with a few existing sporadic layers of the tomb. This tomb was built almost 1000 years ago.
  • handbooks with some photos were provided explaining the histories of the historical sites and buildings.



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