Rehabilitation & Community Project in Magway Division

Rehabilitation and Community Development Project in Kyun Yin Village, Puak Township, Magway Division ( June 2012 to Nov 2012)

Concerning in this affected of the flash flood of Oct 2011 in Pakokku District, Myanmar, the Prince Claus Fund, in the context of Cultural Emergency Response Program, supported the Reconstruction of the Monastery, of its Ordination Hall, the restoration of the Stupas, Pagodas and the safeguarding of the ancient religious tangible memorials objects with the collaboration of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel.

Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) operated in this project with the following objectives:

  • To excavate religious statues and other tangible memorials from under the sand/mud caused by the flash flood of Oct 2011 in Myanmar?
  • To reconstruct the monastery for the monks in this village and rebuild the Ordination Hall. In these buildings, religious statues and other ancient memorials objects are safeguarded thereby enabling the continuation of religious guidelines.
  • To restore the damages of three stupas and associated two main pagodas which will mark the location of the communities of the old village after being relocated to the new place., can gather again for worship or regular visits and use twice a year of village pagoda festival place.


List of operations to achieve the objectives and modification

  • Excavation of the ancient religious objects including PāliCanon from under the sand/mud.  (The PāliCanon are religious texts in the Theravada Buddhist tradition)
  • Reconstruction of the monastery in a new hilly area. Considering floods, this is a much safer place.
  • Providing Consecrated Ground for the Ordination Hall in the new hilly area where the new village is situated.
  • Restoration of the three Stupa
  • Restoration of the two Main Pagodas and reconstruction of the Pagoda Lions which have a high symbolic value in the village.



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