Restoration of Ancient Damaged Pagoda, Sint-Gu Township, Mandalay Division

Restoration of Ancient Damaged Pagoda, Shwe Yat Taw Pagoda in Quarter No – 1, Sint-Gu Township, Mandalay Division (September 2013 to Jan 2014)

Concerning in this affected of the earthquake, registering 6.8 on the Richter scale that struck Sagaing and Mandalay Regions on 11 November 2012 in Myanmar, the Prince Claus Fund, in the context of Cultural Emergency Response Program, supported the Restoration of Ancient Damaged Pagoda, ShweYat Taw Phaya in Quarter No – 1, Sint-GuTownship with the collaboration of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel.

Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) operated in this project with the following objectives:

  • To rebuild the damaged Pagoda back into its original state in line with its tradition and clearing the debris.
  • To restore some damaged statues and some buildings inside the pagoda compound.
  • By way of restoring and rebuilding to revitalize the revival of their religious and social activities that binds the people in this area.

List of operations to achieve the objectives.

  • The upper layer of the body of the Pagoda was peeled off, this to restore and strengthen the damaged pagoda in line with its traditional rules and values.
  • The debris was carefully cleaned in case ancient relics, which are kept inside its body, maybe found and should be put back in the restored pagoda. In the tradition of Buddhism people used to (and still, do) enshrine items related to Buddha and Buddhism and also jewelry inside the pagoda.
  • After peeling off the upper layer of the pagoda, restoration of the pagoda was started at the higher level. Reinforcement with reinforced concrete and we continued with works on the oval moldings and classical architecture at the upper level of the pagoda.
  • Conservative repair of the decaying bricks of the damaged pagoda was carried out to retain the authenticity.  It was finished off by putting a thin cement layer over the bricks to match with a few existing sporadic layers of the damaged pagoda. Finally, lime-based paints were used, plastic paints were not accepted.
  • Motifs of decorated archways of pagoda and pagoda Lions were restored by skilled traditional masons.
  • The records of the renovation and holy objects were enshrined and put in the Upper Tiered and Ornamented golden finial on the Pagoda.
  • The lifting of upper tiered and ornamented golden finial was done by the traditional carriage and the installations were successfully finished on top of the pagoda.

Finally, the compound of the restored pagoda was cleaned, and ready for the local people and also for the pilgrims who visit these historical buildings.



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