Joyce P Providence, Rhode Island

We went on an day tour from 8.30 am and returned at 7 pm, with a big authentic lunch included. Our tour guide (Mr. Naing TunTun Win who we hired based on a Tripadvisor review) and driver were competent, very accommodating, and full of history and knowledge. Our time at the Golden Buddha helped us understand the significance of what was going on with pilgrimages around us and architectural images and forms. We strolled thru religious market stalls, purchased some gifts, saw marble making centers for carving thousands of Buddhist images, one at a time, and gold beating as well as the Kings palace and history, and ended the day at sunset on Mandalay Hill. What a day filled with learning, laughter, and fun.Next time I would do a1/2 day at a time to process the rich learning in between. Our guide gave 200% and I would use him again in a heart beat.