Cycling the east and west edges of Mandalay

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Cycling a day tour outskirts of Mandalay | local market – Nan Shae Zay | everyday life of people |  local tea shop | village | canal | green paddy fields | local lunch | positive impact on local communities | sunset by the legendary Irrawaddy river bank


Departure Time Pick up place
7:30 am Hotel in Mandalay
Duration Tour End
10:00 hrs (Day Tour) 5:30 pm

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All about the Cycling the east and west edges of Mandalay.

The highlight of Cycling a Day Tour in Mandalay

This cycling a day tour executes visitors to feel about eco-friendly nature travel make often stopping for the local market, shops, and communities. Biking is not only through peaceful green rice fields and the canal from the eastern part of the city and eating lunch with local food there but also until the west edge of Mandalay, Irrawaddy Riverbank, to experience a positive impact on local communities and sunset by the legendary Irrawaddy river bank.


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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Meet and Greet at your hotel by our tour guide,
  • Mountain bike will be provided
  • Professional tour guide for cycling
  • Experience at Local tea shop and snack
  • A unique lunch with chicken fired
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Personal expenses,
  • Accommodation,
  • Other transfer charges besides the bike
  • Other not mentioned above
  1. Morning: Cycling to the East

    Start early morning cycling from Mandalay at 7:30 am after the breakfast at your hotel, pass by Mandalay’s urban area once the capital of Myanmar monarchy, to the outskirt of the city towards Patheingyi, an agriculture-based small town near Mandalay.

    Escape the traffic and urban sprawl of royal city Mandalay with the ride to learn about the nature of the local villages and tranquil rice fields in endless shades of green by often stopping for local shops and communities.

    The first stopover is one of the local markets call ”Nan Shae Zay,” where you can see various local shops selling fruits, vegetables, banana & coconut, and other commercial goods.

    Continue cycling after the market, and you can begin exploring the maze of tiny lanes and observe sights of everyday life in the area of ordinary people from Mandalay such as Grandmothers bathing babies in fronts of wooden homes, families going about their daily chores, peddlers selling their wares on foot. This is as local as Mandalay gets.

    Then you will get away from city life and get a taste of the countryside. It’s about 30 km detour on the journey (Mandalay – Patheingyi – Mandalay) takes you through local villages and tranquil rice fields in endless shades of green where the villagers are working in the paddy fields.

    For feeling refueled, stop a local tea shop in Patheingyi, where local people meet to chat and snack at all times of the day. Try Myanmar sweet tea or soft cold drink there.

    Continue after a while, and you will get on the bank of the central canal. We can even stopover somewhere along this pleasurable canal with the sound of the streaming and the atmosphere that make you relax.

    Once you come quite far enough, turn right for your way back. There are paddy fields along the road. You can get fresh air, the smell of the paddy fields, and enjoy the magnificent view all along, and you will see the shops of deep-fried chicken here and there. Of course, you will have lunch there, one of the selected shops to have Myanmar traditional rewarm fried chicken with garlic and ginger. Besides that white rice, variety of A Thoke (Salads), dry mutton fries, and other fries together with the tamarind sauce. Recommended here is to try some palm wine or otherwise with local green tea with those fried.

    Get the chance if you want to take good photos with beautiful backgrounds as you can see only mountains and fields wherever you look at. It is an excellent place to chill in dry Mandalay even for local people.

    After lunch, you are cycling back to your hotel in Mandalay to get rest for 1-2 hours.

  2. Evening: Cycling west edges of Mandalay

    Again at 3:30 pm, your tour guide will meet you again to continue cycling for the backend of the city to explore more social experience along the legendary Irrawaddy riverside. Marvelous views extend across the Irrawaddy to Sagaing and the Mingun Hill on the river west bank, studded with the pagoda and the monastery. So this final stop of the tour represents not just the heart of Mandalay but the riverbank of the Irrawaddy. Then enjoy the sunset at the bank of the Irrawaddy river and end the tour at your hotel.

Usually, the Combo tickets (Zone fees/ Entrance fees) for this tour  is not included in our price in case you already bought a Combo ticket before your tour. If so, we recommend you to bring your Combo ticket with you at all times during your visit (or) our guide will assist you to buy this.

We operate this tour in privately as we, MUL considered to the privacy of the travellers and not sharing with other travelers. But solo traveler can still book for this tour with reasonable (solo) price by choosing 1 pax at our checkout page.

Yes Vegetarian option is available, please advise at time of booking if required.

We suggest you to carry slipper and something to protect from the sun and the dust.

Shorts or sleeveless tops and shoes are not allowed to enter the place of Pagodas and Religious area.

This tour can not be booked in the same day of departure and need to book in advance.  We recommend you to book this tour at least 15 hrs in advance to have secure arrangements especially in high season (October to March).

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