Mandalay: Its Heritages and actual lifestyle

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Discovering the authentic Mandalay lifestyle and its heritage of remaining original architecture and taking a trishaw ride through from the eastern suburb of the city to the foot of Mandalay Hill as to be a socially responsible traveler and enjoy delightful sunset view.

Departure Time Pick up place
8:30 am Hotel in Mandalay
Duration Tour End
10 hrs 6:30 pm

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Family, Friends, Couple, Senior

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    Culture, Monument, Private tour
  • Activity Level Leisurely
  • Group Size Small Group
All about the Mandalay: Its Heritages and actual lifestyle.


  • Walk along the Mandalay’s symbolic Royal palace moat
  • Full day sightseeing tour in the cultural city
  • Get a chance to interact with Brahmin community & palm reading
  • Delightful sunset view from the historic Mandalay Hill


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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Tour guide service
  • Transportation by private air-con vehicle
  • Explore cultural heritage sights of Mandalay
  • Visiting to the Brahmin community
  • Lunch at local tea shop
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Archaeological Zone fees/Entrance fees for Royal palace, Golden monastery, Kuthodaw pagoda, Sandarmuni paya,  (10,000 Ks)
  • Camera fees fees at the pagodas
  • Palm reading charges (if you use service)
  • Trishaw ride (5000 Ks) per / person
  1. Morning Walking tour and cultural heritage sights

    Tour starts with a short walking along with the south gate of Mandalay’s symbolic Royal palace moat, the outer walkway between the massive brick wall of ancient cultural capital and the canal. This instance fusion of past and modern Mandalay is guaranteed to astonish and bewilder. Turn inside of royal palace from the east gate to explore Myanansankyaw Royal Palace, the last kingdom of Burma and one of the must-visit places, unique style, beautiful structures, and a real insight into the Burmese history. The massive complex is dozens of buildings including audience halls, throne halls, a watchtower, a court building, a tooth relic building and a library where the Buddhist scriptures were kept.

    To be a socially responsible traveler from this point after leaving the eastern gate of the Royal Palace, taking a trishaw ride, a pedal-powered vehicle that remains the preferred choice of transport, through the eastern suburb of the city where the visitor can explore the maze of tiny lanes and observe sights of everyday life as a local in Mandalay. Ride for a while before getting off at the foot of Mandalay Hill and around for the chilled-out view of preceding architectural Mandalay, begin of the remaining original architecture and a beautiful wooden building called Golden Palace monastery. It is with the magnificent carving both inside and outside. Then incredible Kuthodaw pagoda is also called ”the World’s Largest Book”, named after the 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.
    (Note: The price of trishaw ride has to put directly into the hand of local trishaw drivers (5000 Kyat) as MUL provided for a once unique commuting experience.)

    Then take the local taxi yet to enjoy the lunch at a local style tea shop and escape the heat of the day, rest at your hotel.

  2. Afternoon: Learn local life and it's community

    Again in the evening, the next fabulous experience is taking a short walk in the place called Ponna Kone, which means ”the hill of Brahmin people”, where Brahmin enclave in Mandalay thrives on astrology. Brahmins originally came from Rakhine, and Manipur state in north-eastern India since the time of ancient Myanmar kings and wise Brahmins served the kings and read their futures as well. Hindu worship altars and signs advertising astrology, palmistry, and fortune-telling are welcoming together with its exceptional community of the city, Mandalay.
    (Optional Activity: For those who consider that the lines on your hand form a map of your life or to discover the insight of the Brahmin community, try and experience your palm read to discuss your future. It’s an opportunity to have respectful interaction for genuine discussion between the locals and visitors. The payment for prophecy has to pay directly into the hand of the prophet more or less 10000 MMK (about 7 USD), and it would take about 30 mins.)

    Continue to learn the life on the banks of Irrawaddy River at Buffalo Point. This is the place wherein Mandalay people used to load and unload buffaloes but today, no more buffaloes but still bamboo and wood rafts going down the river. The Buffalo Point, where now the visitor while away an hour watching local cargo boats unloading at the jetties. Marvelous views extend across the Irrawaddy to Sagaing and the Mingun Hill on the river west bank, studded with the pagoda and the monastery. So this final stop of the tour represents not just the heart of Mandalay but the riverbank of the Irrawaddy. Spend some time taking the view of the sunset and simply relax before returning to the hotel by local taxi.

We suggest you to carry slipper and something to protect from the sun and the dusts. Wearing shoes/slipper and a short dress is not allowed when entering the religious area.

Usually, the Combo tickets for Mandalay (Zone fees/ Entrance fees) are not included in our price in case you already bought a Combo ticket before your tour. If so, we recommend you to take your Combo ticket with you at all times during your visit (or) our guide will assist you to buy this.

We operate this tour in privately as we, MUL considered to the privacy of the traveler and not sharing with other travelers. But solo traveler can still book for this tour with reasonable (solo) price by choosing 1 pax.

This tour can not be booked in the same day of departure and need to book in advance.  We recommend you to book this tour at least 15 hrs in advance to have secure arrangements especially in high season (October to March).

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