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Myanmar is a land of festivals, each playing a unique and spiritual role in the lives of local people. At MUL we can design your holiday around one of the country’s many festivals, allowing you to experience a side of the country not witnessed by many outsiders. Every month of the Burmese calendar (based on the lunar calendar) has a festive undertone so we can arrange special experiences for you throughout the year

What makes our festival tours special?

  • Learn about the history behind a particular festival and what it means to local people
  • Taste delicious local foods only produced during festive periods
  • Dress up in traditional attire worn to celebrate festivals
  • Live like a local by taking part in traditional festival performances
  • Go ‘behind-the-scenes’ for a truly unique cultural experience

Myanmar’s many seasonal festivals are very important to the culture and traditions of the country’s people. Several are celebrated in the context of Buddhism, the predominant religion of Myanmar, whereas others have more of a spiritual significance and pay respect to the ‘Nats’. Some festivals are celebrated nationwide, such as the Thingyan Myanmar Water Festival (Buddhist New Year), while others are smaller and celebrated on a local scale, for example the fascinating Taung Pyone Nat Festival near Mandalay.

At MUL our day and overnight festival tours can be weaved into your longer Myanmar itinerary to offer you a glimpse of the festive spirit here. We use our local knowledge to take you ‘inside’ the country’s many festivals to see a side of Myanmar that most visitors do not experience.

Please see the following link for dates and information about the major festivals in Myanmar and let us know which ones sound most interesting you. Myanmar Festival

Join us in celebrating Myanmar’s deep, meaningful and vibrant festival culture!


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