6 Reasons to Visit Myanmar on Your Next Vacation Post COVID-19

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Myanmar is a secret tucked away in the heart of Southeast Asia with its wonders waiting for travelers to take notice. If you are more interested in visiting a serene and scenic destination in a commercial tourist hub, then Myanmar is your answer. As people around the world regain their confidence to travel in both expensive, and cheap flights for a vacation in the post-COVID-19 world, Myanmar beckons to one and all by offering a rich treasure of history, culture, cuisine, and landscape. The team at Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travels would be more than glad to help you out with your travel plans. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Myanmar on your next vacation after COVID-19:

1. Scenic beauty like no other

Myanmar has a lot of virgin scenic beauty that has not yet been explored. Myanmar is largely a flat country that offers unhindered landscapes of smooth grassy terrain traversed by beautiful rivers. You can get to see rolling fields of meadows and paddy fields.

At the same time, the hills of Shan-Yoma offer a contrast as well as opportunities for an adventure like trekking and hiking to those who seek thrill and excitement on their vacation. In addition, there are tonnes of mangroves along with the coastal areas as well as lush forests and plantations in the central parts of the country.

2. Spiritual delight

Myanmar offers a spiritual experience, unlike any other country. Like most countries of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist with an ancient tradition of people practicing the faith for centuries. As a result, the entire country is punctuated by beautiful, historic temples as well as a host of pagodas and Buddhist sites that offer a unique experience.

Some of the popular Buddhist temples that attract thousands of visitors every year include the Ananda Temple, Thanboddhay Paya temple, Mahamuni temple, and Shwedagon Pagoda. In addition, there are various other sites where you can see huge statues of Buddha in different poses that represent a testament to the devotion of these people for their religious icon.

3. Cultural tourism

Myanmar also offers a rich experience of cultural tourism if you are in the mood for some intellectual nourishment on your vacation. Because the country has been isolated from the rest of the world for so many years, you can still get to experience some of the genuine cultures of the people that have not become influenced by the forces of globalization.

You can visit the traditional fishing communities along the banks of Lake Inle to witness their traditional methods of catching fish and community living. There are particular nuances of socializing, civic life, and eating in Myanmar that will expose you to the authentic way of life of ordinary Burmese people.


4. Culinary adventures

Almost all of the Southeast Asian countries are known for their exciting street food culture. Be it Thailand, Singapore, or Malaysia, people are drawn to their delicious and affordable street food options. Myanmar is no different. You can enjoy endless options for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner without spending a lot of money. The people are friendly and quite pleased to serve tourists.

As far as the options go, you can try Mote Hin Gar which is a popular local breakfast option that is basically prepared with rice noodles and traditional fish soup. Another option is the paratha or roti that you can have for lunch with savory or spicy gravies or pastes. Khao such there is Myanmar’s version of noodles that are eaten with local vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. These and other mouthwatering foods await the hungry traveler to Myanmar.

5. Friendly people

Whether you visit the big cities like Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyidaw or the smaller towns and villages in the countryside, you are sure to be greeted by smiling faces and cheerful people. Even though the people of Myanmar are not used to foreign travelers, they are very polite and humble by nature. U Bein Bridge in Mandalay is a popular place to interact openly with the local people and witness their hospitality. People are ready to help out and offer suggestions for the best eating places and sights to see.

6. Reviving hospitality infrastructure

Myanmar is slowly opening up as a rising tourism destination. Especially in the current COVID-19 environment, the government is paying special attention to make traveling throughout the country safe for foreign travelers. Hotels, restaurants, airports, transport, and other tourist spots are being equipped with modern hygiene practices and equipment to ensure that Myanmar emerges as a safe and popular tourist spot in the post-COVID 19 world. The WHO has also played an active part in helping the Myanmar government to make the country safe for travelers. Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel, itself has been reviving hospitality infrastructure.

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