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The spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) has once again tested our resilience, and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thoughts to those who have been affected. The rapidly changing situation with regards to COVID-19 has affected people, businesses and economies everywhere.

In this context, Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL’s) priority remains the wellbeing and safety of all our traveler and staff, as well as the communities around the related destinations in Myanmar.

While it is difficult to plan in the long term, as things remain in a constant state of flux, we have put together a plan that we believe allows our guests a measure of certainty for the future, while still allowing us to care for the land, heritage and people that depend on us.

New bookings with MUL – Our Certainty Undertaking

While much remains uncertain, we believe that the deeply human desire to learn and explore means travel will endure. In order to cultivate that desire, we have created certainty for new bookings received from 15 May 2020 by:

  • Re-working our COVID-19 terms and conditions to provide agility and flexibility around new bookings for MUL Tour programs; by allowing 100% refunds on cancellations up to 48 hours before travel.
  • Guaranteeing prompt advice and certainty of trip delivery in an uncertain environment.
  • All our 2020 rates and offers have been extended into 2021.

Where possible we are encouraging our preferred suppliers (accommodation, partners, airlines, ground-transport, National Parks etc.) to agree to similar terms as ours. We will advise new bookings for any non-refundable services at the time of deposit request.

Certainty of trip delivery

Due to our size, scale and financial strength, as both a tour and lodge services operator, we are able to guarantee prompt advice and certainty of trip delivery in an uncertain environment.

As a result, we can guarantee, (where the full itinerary is booked with us), that the trip will be able to travel even though it may not be the itinerary initially booked. If a tour program originally quoted is not able to render the service at the time of travel, then we will find an alternative as follows:

  • If, as an alternative, we are able to accommodate the traveler in one of the destination, then the traveler’s booking will be amended at no charge (even if it comprises an upgrade) but may incur additional costs for logistic changes if the lodge which provided by MUL is not in the same destination as the tour program initially booked.
  • If the alternative tour program is of a lower standard than initially booked, then the traveler will receive a refund of the difference in a program less any deposits lost.
  • If the alternative tour program is of a higher standard than originally booked, then the traveler will be quoted the difference in cost and may still choose to cancel. Deposits refundable on cancellation will depend on the tour program scheduled in the itinerary and their cancellation policies. Any deposits paid on MUL services will be refundable as per our Covid-19 Term & Condition.

The above scenarios are possible for any new bookings received from the 15 May 2020 for travel dates into the future.

COVID-19 Term and Conditions

COVID-19 Term and Conditions

Since the release of the original revised terms and conditions on COVID-19, Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL) is committed to monitoring and amending our approach to travel, providing guests both flexibility and security.

These set of terms are applicable from 15 May 2020. They remain in place until the World Health Organization declares the pandemic over, or restrictions impacting outbound travel (in particular countries or advisories in the operational area in Myanmar) are lifted.

Once these conditions are removed, any booking still to travel or made under the auspices of these terms and conditions would be replaced by MUL’s standard terms and conditions.

Our revised terms and conditions below apply to the tour program in the MUL portfolio. The terms and conditions of our suppliers’ properties and how they are used remain at their sole discretion.

New Bookings – Maximizing flexibility

In order to give our guests and partners increased comfort, MUL will offer the following revised terms and conditions on all MUL tours Program:

  1. Any bookings made from 15 May 2020 will be subject to the following Special Conditions which will be subject to change as things normalize.
  2. No deposit will be required at the time of booking.
  3. 4 (four) weeks before arrival, a 50% deposit will be required to confirm the reservation.
  4. The balance of 50% will be required on arrival.

On cancellation of a confirmed independent Traveller/s reservation MUL will use the following cancellation policy:

  1. Between Confirmation and 48 hours (2 days) before arrival 100% Refund of monies paid or Credit to the value of monies paid for a future trip for any Travel programs within MUL’sportfolio
  2. Between 48 hours (2 days) and arrival Credit to the value of monies paid for a future trip for any travel program within MUL’sportfolio
  3. Cancellation during travel 50% credit for any unused nights for future travel for any property within MUL’sportfolio

The above terms:

  • Exclude all Groups (15 or more guests) and series bookings unless otherwise negotiated and agreed. Our standard cancellation policy for group reservations apply.
  • Relate only to MUL owned travel program services. MUL will endeavor to work with our supplier’s properties to secure the most flexible terms possible. However, all amendments, reductions, refunds and cancellation policies of supplier’s properties will be determined at the sole and unfettered discretion of the supplier’s properties utilized in any itinerary.

These revised cancellation terms only apply to COVID-19 related reasons for cancellation, these include:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has not revised its Pandemic status.
  • The government in the guest’s country of residence restricts all but essential travel.
  • The destinations the guest is travelling to are under an official government-sanctioned lock-down that prohibits guest from travelling.
  • The destinations have no formal lock-down but have closed their border either to international travelers or to travelers from the guest’s country of residence.
  • International flights are cancelled with no alternative routing available for guest to use to reach the destinations in the itinerary.
  • The guest has contracted COVID-19 and under treatment or is in quarantine (or) under medical treatment up to 48 hours before the travel. MUL reserves the right to ask for any reasonable evidence, written statements and or documents to support the reasons for cancellation that are given.
  • Any reason for cancellation not listed above, MUL’s standard cancellation policy apply.
Client / Traveler Agreements
  • Travellers would bring their own masks with them to use when travelling in public areas
  • Travellers need to inform tour guide of any symptoms of any sort of illness
  • As flexible as MUL concerns future travel, we highly recommend that Travellers need to have certain travel/medical insurance that includes coverage of “cancellation for any reason”,  all damages, losses, death and any suffering infected by the virus. 
  • Travellers must agree to follow our Company Virus Protocol in case of any suspected on virus transmission or illness within the group or within a village or the region
  • Travellers would carry their own sanitizer in their packs at all times
  • Excluded, unless otherwise specified, are 3rd party partner properties and their services.
  • Terms are valid for FIT travel and exclude all pre-negotiated Group or Series travel.
  • Any variations from the above terms and conditions are at MUL’s discretion and MUL reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • We continue to engage with our partners to align with the Covid-19 MUL Revised Terms and Conditions.

For any enquiries, please contact the Travel Specialist who made your booking or mail MUL at

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