Dos and Don'ts in Myanmar

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How to be a responsible traveler in Myanmar?Dos and Don’ts for tourists in Myanmar 2nd Edition 2017.

1. Be polite

The people of Myanmar are friendly, helpful and polite.

2. Approach your visit with the desire to explore and participate

Open your mind to Myanmar’s diverse cultures and traditions.

Bridge the cultural gap

3. Interact with people

Interact with the people in a respectful manner. Look for cultural exchange and respect the diversity you encounter

4. When in myanmar, do as the Myanmar do

Treat your hosts as you would like to be treated in your own home. For example, in Myanmar it is customary to remove shoes before entering a house.

5. Public displays of excessive emotion

Public displays of excessive emotion, whether prompted by anger or by love, are frowned upon.

6. The people of Myanmar love festivals and ceremonies

Join the celebrations at Thingyan (Myanmar New Year/ Weater Festival), Thadingyut (Lights festival) or Kayin New Year, for example. Check the festival calendar with your hotel or guide.

7.Learn the names of guides and hosts, and perhaps some words of the local language

People will be delighted to meet visitors who are trying to immerse themselves in the langualge. Althouge Myanmar is the offical language, there are hundreds of other spoken languages.

8. Body language speaks ( The head )

The head
The head is considered the most esteemed part of the body. If you touch someone on the head- even children – it will be seen as a sign of aggression. Only use pillows to rest your head – don’t sit on them!

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