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Activity Level Ratings of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL)

Our MUL’s Activity Level Ratings provide an understanding of the real expectations for each tour, making it easier for you to find the journey that is right for you when you travel with us in Myanmar. Activity Level Ratings are included in our MUL Tour Types. Still, more importantly, a detailed description of the activity requirements can be found on a day to day (or) individual trip’s web page (on the “Itinerary” tab). These descriptions summarize the ease or hardness of activities, as well as information regarding the length of walks, hikes, or treks; altitude; internal flights; train travel; and more.



Tours last one day and/or city tour. This level may include standing, climbing some stairs, short walking, and minimal physical activity, etc.

Leisure level appropriate for travelers who are in good health, enjoy the outdoors, want a relaxing trip, and able to participate in small actions.



Longer than one day and this level may include multi-day motor coach excursions, domestic flight, walk a reasonable distance, boat ride, train, bus, etc.

Moderate level appropriates for travelers who are physically fit and comfortable with touring both walking and coach time as the trip may involve more activities or longer journeys.



Trips will feature long touring days with a full-day excursion. This level itinerary may include multi-day with motor coach excursions, one full-day trekking (5-7 hours), local transport (with uncomfortable ride), boat ride, local train ride, one-day biking, canoeing, etc. Some itineraries may require early morning departures and late returns to the hotel.

Active level appropriates for travelers who are physically fit, lead full of activity, and able to trek/hike for some hours.



This level, travelers need to be able to participate in physical activities such as trekking or walking over irregular terrain and biking for longer days. Trekking tours may feature 2-5 days with trekking time 5-8 hours per day, and biking tours may feature for longer days with a 30-70 km ride per day.

Challenging level appropriates for travelers who have a high fitness level and with previous trekking /biking experiences. Travelers need complete confidence in their ability for such activities.



Level of tour appropriates for travelers who have physically fit to enjoy all the adventure fully. This level may involve more strenuous activities such as extensive walking tours, active cycling at the remote area, late-night events, etc. But all conditions do not apply to all days.

Extreme level Appropriate for: Travelers who have a very high fitness level, expect a vigorous pace, are comfortable participating in up to 15 hours of physical activity per day and enjoy challenging themselves physically.




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